Imagine a company that can perform the same painless ultrasound tests offered in hospitals and bring them right to you, your employees, and family members.

Our mission is to provide affordable and accurate knowledge through health screenings which will empower people to make better decisions and take actions to improve and maintain their health.

Since 2001, Prevention Health Screenings has been on the cutting edge of personal health and wellness by offering early detection of major health problems facing us today. This preventative healthcare program is established by using mobile ultrasound and medical technology to find silent health problems before they become debilitating or deadly events. To date, Prevention Health Screenings has saved countless lives through corporate and community wellness programs and disease education.

With the rising cost of healthcare, Prevention Health Screenings can help you and your employer or organization save money by preventing major health problems before they occur. Wellness programs boost employee productivity, reduce absences due to illness and can result in lower insurance premiums.

Quality Assurance

We use advanced ultrasound equipment, the same as the equipment found in hospitals, and our screenings are performed by highly trained healthcare professionals. Results are reviewed by board-certified physicians from an ICAVL (Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories) registered laboratory to ensure the highest standards.

Advanced Technology

We have developed a robust web portal system that allows us to deliver high quality screening reports to our participants.  Our electronic medical records (EMR) system delivers the images, EKG’s and machine print outs for all of our screenings.  This gives your physician more information to make better decisions about your health care and can reduce unnecessary repeat exams.