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March 2, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
At Glatfelter Insurance Group we have a very strong focus on wellness. In addition to an on-site
fitness center, Weight Watchers at Work, a Smoking Cessation Plan, and a variety of other
benefits, we added the services of Prevention Health Screenings in 2003. Both the management
team and our associates feel this benefit is truly priceless. We offer the screenings every three
years to associates 45 years of age and older as recommended, and a number of our associates
had potentially serious health problems identified and ultimately treated by their own physicians
during each testing cycle. These associates praised the health screenings and said they would
have never known they had the condition without these tests. You simply cannot put a monetary
value on knowing that by offering these screenings we could be preventing even one potential
stroke, heart attack, or other serious health problem. I have also had spouses of associates who
had a serious condition identified through these screenings go out of their way to thank the
company for offering such a valuable benefit.

Even those associates who have all of the screenings come out negative are extremely
appreciative that the company cares enough to offer such a valuable benefit. This benefit is a
great enhancement to our wellness program. In addition, I think it is very notable that the
technicians from Prevention Health Screenings come on-site and do a stellar job of keeping the
testing running efficiently and professionally. I would highly recommend Prevention Health

If I may provide any additional information regarding our experience with Prevention Health
Screenings, please feel free to contact me.

Sandra J. Brown
Vice President, Human Resources
183 Leader Heights Road • P.O. Box 2726 • York, Pennsylvania 17405
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