Tom Patterson

“What a wonderful experience I had with your group yesterday. Two months ago I had the tests done by that group out of Ohio, I think it is Lifeline or ?????, anyway I and the entire room of 50 or so people were kept waiting for over 2 hours before anything was done, we were treated like cattle in a stock yard slaughter house with two or three people working at once talking about their weekend dates or drinking at the beach not talking to us or explaining what they were doing. They acted like we were a peace of meat in a butcher shop. People walked out and were generally upset including me. I had NO confidence that the report would be valid, so I did not even give it to my doctor. BECAUSE OF MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE, I decided to try you folks and what a wonderful change. Your people made the tests interesting and fun. By the way, I had used the other testing company for years and each time it got worse, Needless to say, I will only use you folks from now on. If you ever need testimonials, I’m your man.”

Glatfelter Insurance Group, York, PA

“We offer the screenings every three years to associates 45 years of age and older as recommended…These associates praised the health screenings and said they would have never known they had the condition without these tests. You simply cannot put a monetary value on knowing that by offering these screenings we could be preventing even one potential stroke, heart attack, or other serious health problem.”
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Doreen Valesano, Lititz, PA

“I had the Prevention Health Screening done when it was held at my church – St. James in Lititz. It was determined there was a 90-94% blockage in my neck artery. They advised me to see my personal physician right away. I did and had emergency surgery because there was just a trickle amount of blood flowing to the brain. I’m fine now thanks to PHS.”

Tyco Electronics

“We had a very positive response from the employees who took advantage of the opportunity. The screening proved life saving for one of our people, who found through the screening that he had two aortic aneurysms. He has since had surgery and an uneventful recovery.”

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Mid-State Occupational Health Services, Inc.

“In the past my employer used Prevention Health Screenings and found they provided a valuable service to employees. We were pleased with their services, their staff was professional and the screenings resulted in the identification of several health concerns for employees.”

Jan Thomas Dir. HR & Business Development

Armstrong World Industries, Inc

“Recently I had an employee pull me aside and thanked me for saving her life. It turns out that she participated in the screenings and had been told that there was something on her thyroid and that she should have follow-up appointments for further testing. Turned out she had a rare form of thyroid cancer. She had absolutely no symptoms, and feels that if she hadn’t done the screening; she wouldn’t be here with us today.”

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Dickinson College

“Thank you so much for the beneficial service that you provided to our employees on June 18, 2007. The Carotid artery screening was very popular and we received positive comment from employees that attended the complimentary educational workshop on vascular disease.”

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PFB Health Services

“I have been using Prevenion Health Screenings every fall at our annual Health and Safety Fair. Their services provide our membership with the opportunity to check up on their health. The screenings are very popular and participation is always excellent! We also had the opportunity to work with them at our home office in Camp Hill where they screened our employees.”

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Pauline Glick – PFB Health Services

“In 2010, while participating in the thyroid screening, the ultrasound tech found a large nodule on the left side of my thyroid. I’ve never had a thyroid problem. I’ve had blood work done and the results were always normal. The tech told me to wait for my results in the mail and follow up with my doctor.”

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Doug Winch

“I attended last year’s Healthy Lifestyle Expo and participated in the Carotid Artery Thyroid Screening. A friend of mine was getting it done and I thought I’d follow her lead. The technician told me the whole process would take just a few minutes.”

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